Skyscanner launches chatbot on Facebook Messenger

Chatbots are beginning to gain traction, with the most high profile example being Facebook’s recent announcement about integration of chatbots into its messenger app. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the rapid rise of messaging apps in dominating people’s time and how increased connectivity has changed consumer expectations. It is hence no surprise that this highly consumer-centric and convenient innovation will be what marketers next consider in their mobile marketing strategies.

We can see some other companies starting to explore the opportunities for collaboration with Facebook.

Skyscanner recently launched its chatbot via Facebook Messenger, allowing you to conveniently search for ticket prices without having to switch applications while you make holiday plans with your friends on the app. (Test out their bot here)

What’s Next?

Designer Isil Uzum created a video concept on Dribble about the future of purchasing flight tickets through your phone through Facebook messenger, integrated with Skyscanner, Virgin Airlines and Visa chatbots. This includes flight search features, quick input of passenger data and fuss-free payment splitting functions, allowing you to split bills when purchasing air tickets as a group.

If chat bots are done right, they may well be the primary customer service channel of the future, and leading brands should start to explore now.