ATS 2018 Insights Part 2

Mobile Programmatic:

Mobile programmatic has been explosive in the APAC region, mostly as a result of increasing mobile penetration and improving internet penetration in emerging markets. During ATS, panelists indicated that about 60% – 80% of the data that passes through programmatically comes from mobile. The power to customise and target has increased exponentially over the last few years, making it much easier to curate personalised experiences for the consumer.

When discussing mobile, it is difficult to stray away from talking about the surge of online video. These conversations frequently returned to the duopoly of Google and Facebook, platforms which many have returned to because of convenience time and again. With their userbase, ability to scale and aggregate within this region, it is difficult to fault anyone for doing so. To move beyond the duopoly, what publishers then need to do is to focus on quality, premium video content and provide greater access to formats.  In terms of video viewability and site optimisation, agencies can step in to help with rich, high impact video formats. Each part of the funnel will have different platforms – understanding the media formats and matching them to organisation objectives will be the most essential in finding success for campaigns.

When it came back to measurement, KPIs and metrics should be separate for mobile and web. More specifically, the discussion led onto fraud, since vanity metrics such as installation and click count can easily be distorted with the use of bots. Organisations have to think more deeply in terms of attribution and link their metrics back to their business objectives to ensure that their metrics make sense in terms of organisational goals.

The shift from Data-centric solutions to Customer-centricity:

The APAC is a highly localised region – those in the market have to understand the local context and the role of the players within each individual ecosystem to be successful. Audiences are consuming content on their terms, when they want it, and where they want it.

As Michael Rehfeld, Principal of Operations, Accenture, puts it, the convergence of advertising and social media will result in the rise of building one to one relationships with the consumer. While this is now most apparent in China with the presence of JD, Tencent and WeChat, convergence in the region will come soon, and customer-centricity will become key. The rise of integrated, modular components for this convergence will come, and data will drive the creation of one to one relationships.