The importance of moving from tactical digital thinking to strategic digital thinking

So i just gave a presentation at spikes asia recently where I was talking about the importance of moving from a tactical digital thinking to strategic digital thinking which is a topic that’s really important to me. I think particularly because I’ve seen the shift from when digital was something that was still really new and wasn’t getting on plans and wasn’t getting into strategies. Now it’s become quite the opposite and in some cases I’m seeing a lot of clients and agencies who just automatically defaulting to digital as a core part of their strategy. And the thing i would like to say is this – Digital does not solve everything. Just because you are seeing a real shift in how consumers are using technology, doesn’t mean its necessarily the answer for your brand’s problem. What I encourage people to do is don’t just go straight to digital channels and technologies as the solution for your problem. Really understand what it is that is your brand’s challenge, understand your consumer and your objective.

So if you’re think about moving away from tactical digital thinking to strategic digital thinking, what we need to think about then is – a Facebook campaign is not a strategy, its a tactic, its one way where you could potentially work towards achieving what your goal is. Building an app is not a strategy, its a tactic, its just one thing in your digital toolbox that you can consider using. Building a chatbot is something that is absolutely just a tactic as well. So all of these different pieces together can potentially ladder up to helping you achieve what your overall strategy is, but ultimately you always need to go back to your core principles of understanding what it is you’re trying to achieve, where you want to get to, what your brand’s challenge is now and really understanding your consumers. Don’t think about technologies and channels as the solution first, so they shouldn’t be leading the solution you’re trying to get to, they should just be one way in which you can help achieve your strategic goals.