Growth hacking isn’t just about tools and technologies, it’s about mindset

So, a few days ago, i gave a training session at Hyper Island where I was talking about different types of tactics, tools and technologies that go into growth hacking. We were looking at thinking about your overall marketing strategy and how does growth hacking feed into that.

As a part of that discussion, one of the key things I really wanted to talk about with the team is that growth hacking isn’t just about the tools and technologies you can use but its really about mindset and thats also for digital marketing, not just growth hacking specifically.

When we are thinking about what is a digital mindset, there are a few key things at the top of the list.

Firstly, the willingness to experiment, when you’re thinking about growth hacking or any type of digital marketing, have a plan in mind of what it is you want to achieve, have a hypothesis and actually set up a scientific method for how you are going to test against that. Be willing to try things and sometimes its not going to work out, working out what doesn’t work is as important as working out what does work, so definitely that culture of experimentation.

Secondly, is being really curious. You need to be willing to try new things, find out new ways of doing things. Always be looking at new types of tools and technologies that can help you achieve what you want to do.

Finally, sharing knowledge. A big part of this is sharing what you are learning from the different tests that you’ve been running and also talking to peers, colleagues or even people who work in other businesses that might be trying out similar types of techniques.

Thats the main thing when you are thinking about what growth hacking is and how you can effectively implement that in your business, really think about the importance of the mindset behind it as well, so that goes the same for digital marketing. How are you developing a culture of experimentation in the business and setting people up so that even if something doesn’t work out, they are actually still learning from it and being encouraged to try new ways of working.