Re/Weekly Eighty Five


Is the big idea dead in the age of technology? Are marketers and agencies focusing too much on the technology being used than on creative ideas?

I think the biggest challenge is in marketers or agencies going straight to technologies as solutions before developing an idea. Yes it’s good to have in mind the potential channels we might be using, but this shouldn’t dictate the idea. First things first: 1) we need to understand the business or marketing problem we’re trying to solve, and 2) we need to understand our consumer insight. What’s driving our consumer? What pains them? What’s important to them? How can we help? And so yes this is where data – that’s being generated from all that use of technology – should be able to help. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that we should also be going and chatting with some people in our target audience and hearing what matters to them.

Big ideas come from human insight. Technology can enable them, but without a reason for doing what we’re doing, it runs the risk of just being tactical and executional.

Jodie Collins, Managing Director and Founder of Re/Digital


1. Engaging the workforce in digital transformation (HRM Asia)

As technology advances rapidly, companies across industries are at various stages of digital transformation. Businesses and technology leaders, front-line employees, and technology vendors all have important roles to play in identifying technology needs, designing solutions, and implementing them effectively.


2. In-app bidding will drive programmatic evolution in 2019 (The Drum)

The mobile programmatic space is an exciting one to be in because of how quickly things evolve. As we head into 2019 the most important trend impacting this space is going to be the true arrival of in-app header bidding in scale into the ecosystem. While this is pretty old news in the web space, header bidding has not really made its way into the mobile app space. When it arrives at scale in 2019, several major changes will happen as a result, and it’s worth diving deeper into these due to the pervasive impact that header bidding has on any programmatic environment.



3. How To Overcome The Challenges of Data-Driven Digital Marketing (Forbes)

Data is a key component in driving decisions when it comes to consumer behavior and marketing strategies. There is a lot that marketers can learn from data collection that can be helpful in creating a concise customer journey and increase conversions. However, with all this information comes challenges.

Here are a few of the biggest challenges marketers face when it comes to data and how to overcome those challenges.


4. 7 tech trends to look out for in 2019 (Marketing Interactive)

Technology has advanced at a break neck speed over the past year and with exciting innovation comes the need for reflection, pragmatism and perspective. Telenor Research identified seven tech trends to keep a look out for in 2019.