When is the right time to kickstart your startup journey?

To be honest it never really is the perfect time. But I do have some suggestions for people who are starting to think about doing this.

  1. Starting a new business and actually building up your product offering and getting in customers will take a lot longer than you think. If you think it will take 3 months, it will take 6. If you think it will take 6 months, it will probably take 12 months
  2. I suggest you make sure you have enough savings in the bank to cover your personal and business expenses for 6 months. You need to have that foundation to give yourself enough time to actually get started. Your customers will always pay you later than you think they will, so you have to be prepared for that
  3. If you are starting some type of service or consulting business, make sure you have a few different projects lined up before you start the business
  4. If you are starting a tech startup, at least try to have a working prototype if possible before you quit your day job. If that is not possible, definitely at a minimum have a really clear understanding of what your product offering is going to be and start talking to different potential customers so that you can really understand the value proposition that you are coming up with

If you have any ideas or suggestions on areas you would particularly like us to cover, please comment below.