What’s the vision, mission and purpose of your business

Today, I want to talk about something that is really close to my heart. I feel like it is something that we did right at the beginning and I would definitely recommend it for other people who are thinking about starting their own business or who are also on this entrepreneurship journey.

In the beginning, before we started developing out our product and service offering, we had a very clear idea of what the vision, mission and purpose were for the business. This provided us with the Northstar that we always went back to when we were thinking about the types of clients we wanted to work with and the types of products and services that we wanted to develop. We always went back to the question “Does this align with what we are trying to achieve?”. You would have probably heard before that you should think about what is the why for your business. Simon Sinek wrote a fantastic book years ago and it’s something that I’ve tried to follow as a guide as we were developing our offering.  It’s really helpful when you are figuring out which projects to prioritize and when identifying what your team should focus on. This also gives your team an understanding of what is important and allows everyone to align themselves with the vision for the overall business as well as to find out what they are trying to achieve and what their role is in the world.

Having a vision has really provided stability and I would definitely recommend this as you are starting to think about exploring a business idea. Start to think about what your why is and spend some time figuring out what your vision, mission and purpose is. Also, think about what the values are from which you want your whole business to grow.