How long does it take for your business to get sorted?

One of the biggest learnings I have had in building a business over the last few years is that everything just takes time and it generally takes a bit longer than you think it would. I remember having a conversation with my boyfriend right at the beginning of when I started this business and I thought it would take a couple of years to get sorted and he said based on his experience of seeing his dad building a business back in Kerala in India, it definitely took a few years to get it going and it is now flying and has been running for several years.

However, it does take time to build the momentum and what I have experienced and would say to every new aspiring entrepreneur who is starting their business to make sure that you have the cash flow, the resilience and the willingness to give it a go for a few years because it definitely takes time. Looking back at our experience in terms of building out the right processes that we needed within the business to making sure that everything was moving smoothly and having the best development processes in place, the way that we work with our clients and the refining of our offering. We had to figure out who was the right audience, who we should be working with and all of that is a process that needs some time. I thought that it might take 18 months or two years but it has taken a bit more than three years and now, I feel this year is going to be a really fantastic year because it feels like all of that preparation of background work is in place.

My tip to any others who are starting out or even if you are in the early stages or even if you are at about the two-year mark and you are finding things are a little bit tough at the moment, stick it out three years, I think that is the magic number.