Madtech Live Singapore 2019


ExchangeWire’s popular weekly MadTech Podcast was brought as a live event format in Singapore, for the first time! The opportunities in mobile advertising have been discussed, at length, in the digital advertising and marketing industry for years. Now more than ever, we’re seeing buyers move their advertising dollars to a mobile environment. But what constitutes success for this format, and how can the industry tackle issues of fraud and quality control, to harness the true value of mobile marketing? ExchangeWire and their guests did a special live recording of the weekly MadTech Podcast, and debated these challenges and explored the opportunities for independent AdTech, marketers and brands in mobile advertising, in 2019. Our Managing Director, Jodie Collins moderated the panel on “Using Programmatic to Maximise Mobile Revenue” with panellists, Hari Shankar, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Media Exchange, Daniel Henriksen, Head of Outcome Media Planning and Rohan Kamra, Regional Digital Marketing Manager of Asia Pacific & Japan Intel Corporation. Watch the video below for highlights of the event.