Weekly Review #20

1. How marketing changes when shopping is automated (Harvard Business Review)  
Much of marketing is premised on companies delivering messages to customers to influence their purchases and consumption. But within a few years, this model of marketing, advertising, and shopping will become obsolete.
2. Why cross-device targeting is a marketing must-have this holiday season (Adweek)
Brands are competing for shoppers' attention and a bigger piece of their holiday budgets. How do you ensure that you're investing holiday marketing budgets in the most impactful, efficient way? 
3. Spotify serves its first vertical video ads in new 'branded moments' (Adage
Spotify is serving its first vertical video ads through a new "branded moments" offering that gives people 30 minutes of commercial-free listening music afterward.
4. 'Adulting': A fluid process for young people (Campaign Asia
Brands should start understanding and assisting young people in the complex business of growing up, according to McCann’s latest ‘Truth about Youth’ research.
5. Salesforce won't pursue bid for Twitter (Wall Street Journal
Lack of buyer interest means the social media company will have to forge ahead on its own, for now.

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