A worthwhile investment in knowledge

Buying a subscription to SmartInsights has been one of the best investments I’ve made this year.

This website is an excellent collection of marketing strategy and tactical guidance, with a heavy focus on digital. Through an ongoing monthly subscription you get access to current thinking and approaches in the marketing world alongside lots of practical, useful tools.

Even as someone who has been doing this work for some time, I find the tools very useful; as a refresher on what’s important, on proof to be able to give to clients to support thinking and as training support materials for the more junior members of our teams.

I signed up for the “limited monthly plan” which gives you a great level of access tot he materials on the site, and allows you to carry over any unused credits from one month to the next month. Considering it’s not a website you visit on a daily basis, you find that this often happens and this ability to save your credits to then be able to download multiple guides or templates when a specific need arises is incredibly valuable.

I’d suggest this is a worthwhile investment for anyone in marketing or advertising.