Weekly Review #18

1. The new tech talent you need to succeed in digital (McKinsey&Company)  
In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, companies that understand their talent needs and know how to meet them have a competitive edge. 
2. Clayton Christensen has a new theory (Wall Street Journal)
His latest book "Competing Against Luck" focuses on marketing and consumer behaviour. He argues that when companies develop and promote products, they need to figure out what drives the choices of customers.
3. Snapchat and Instagram usage doubles in Asia: Kantar TNS (Campaign Asia
According to Kantar TNS, the use of social-media platforms Instagram and Snapchat has doubled across Asia Pacific since 2014 as engagement with these highly visual platforms continues to grow.
4. Programmatic native is here, and premium publishers are wary (Digiday
Marketing dollars are poised to flow into programmatic native advertising next year, and many except premium publishers are excited.
5. APAC marketers struggling to manage countless touchpoints: TNS (Campaign Asia
Only a third of APAC marketers feel in control of the online and offline channels they're using to reach consumers.

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