Super Cool Snapchat Hacks You Never Knew

Still thinking that Snapchat is just an app for college students to send frivolous selfies, doodles and sexts? The app, which deletes images and videos right after they have been viewed, is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Publishers are now moving to the platform in larger numbers, using the “Discover” function to reach out to its young users in fresh ways.

In fact, together with NBC Universal, Snapchat has recently signed a deal to feature content from the Olympics. This is the first time in history NBC is allowing Olympic content to appear on platforms other than its own, in a bid to better deliver Olympics content to millennials ages 13-34, as more than 60% of them are users of the app.  

Savvy digital marketers also need to be thinking about how to incorporate Snapchat into their content marketing plans. We’ve put the following Snapchat hacks together to give you a head start on how to use it.


RE/digital's super cool Snapchat hacks (click to enlarge)