Weekly Review #2


Week #2

1. Mary Meeker 2016 Internet Trends Highlights (TechCrunch) - A summary of Internet trends 2016 instead of going through the 213-paged report yourself.

2. Visa created a ring that can be used for payments (The Verge) - Visa introduces contactless payment rings and gives them out to 45 athletes heading for the Rio 2016 Olympics. 

3. Mondelez goes beyond ad agencies, partners with companies like Buzzfeed for digital content (AdWeek) - For the first time, multinational food conglomerate partners with media companies Buzzfeed and Fox to produce more apps, games and "sponsored content".

4. Björk uses VR for an enhanced music experience (The Verge) - Icelandic Singer-songwriter takes listeners to a virtual version of the country using virtual reality.

5. Nobody really understands Southeast Asia (TechinAsia) - Experts on Southeast Asia are a rare breed.