Weekly Review #4


Week #4

Welcome to the RE/digital weekly review, where we curate our picks of the week's best digital and tech news.

  1. Op-ed: What publishers should do about ad blocking now
     (Digiday) - Some pragmatic tips on what publishers, creative and media agencies can do to respond to ad-blocking.
  2. You'll be outraged at how easy it was to get you to click on this headline (Wired) - Yes we fell for it too. The psychology of click bait.
  3. Facebook launches online creative hub in bid to simplify creation of ads (Adage) - A helpful tool for creatives trying to understand Facebook's ever-changing range of ad options. 
  4. 5 things that are radically reshaping shopper marketing (Adweek) - A great trends piece on the digital/retail relationship. Everyone from retail giants to specialty boutiques is feeling the pressure to adapt more seamlessly to the digital world.
  5. Will the next Siri be empathetic (TechCrunch) - The next stage in AI is in artificial intelligence becoming empathetic: not about seeing users as a group, but seeing each user as an individual and designing a system that picks up subtle human clues.