Weekly Review #16


Week #16

1. Brands have started using Twitter's latest customer service tools (Digiday)  
Twitter's new update makes two-way communication between brands and their customers a lot easier.
2. Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Google, Facebook and more form 'coalition for better ads' (The Drum)
The world's biggest advertisers and media owners have united to form 'coalition for better ads' at a time where skepticism over digital media is rife.
3. Marketers are getting the Snapchat targeting data they want. Will that scare off users? (Adweek
The popular messaging app aims to attract deep-pocketed marketers and investors with the introduction of in-app behavioural targeting in the fourth quarter timed to a rumoured IPO. 
4. Voice is chat's next battle ground (Tech Crunch
Soon, we’ll talk and listen to our messaging apps when it’s more convenient than typing or reading. The age of voice is about to arrive.
5. As India's bloggers mature, brands have more opportunity to engage (Campaign Asia
Sixty percent of bloggers now say they are working full-time, opening up opportunities for sustainable brand positioning and influence.