Weekly Review #14


Week #14

1. Google injects machine learning into analytics app (Adage)  
It will provide a new stream of automated insights in its Google Analytics mobile app, allowing marketers to see key data metrics in a matter of minutes. 
2. 4 things managers need to know about data (Forbes)
It is becoming clear that there is a data divide opening up. Gautam Tambay, CEO of Springboard, a company helping to close this divide, talks about what managers need to know today about working with data.
3. Everything startups need to know about email marketing (Tech in Asia
An infographic to help you learn how effective email marketing can truly change your business.
4. Facebook wants you to talk to your friends more (Mashable
The company is testing its new feature "What friends are talking about" to encourage people to talk to one another on its platform as there has been a decline in people posting personal content.
5. Singapore marketers on the health of industry in the island city state (The Drum
Senior marketers from Singapore discuss their take on the country's strength, weaknesses and the state of its talent pool.

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