7 Creative Ways to use Instagram Carousel

Instagram launched Carousel a few months back, allowing users to post up to 10 square photos or videos in a single Instagram post. This is exciting as it is an avenue to expend your creativity, connecting with your consumers using this new post format. You may also use Carousel to experiment with what works, before putting up paid creative Carousel ads.

To help you get inspired, we have trawled through Instagram to learn how some top brands and Instagrammers have used Carousel:

1.  Split a large photo into a few parts

Give your audience a bigger picture by splitting your large photos and panoramas into a few parts. Airbnb introduced their outdoor trip with a series of recurring photos which form a larger picture amplifying the experience one can have on their trip:

2.  Introduce a series

Lego introduces the series of mini figurines to show that they have something for everyone. In the same way, introduce a variety of your products in the same product line using this method.

3.  Tell a story in sequence

Comic artists have taken the opportunity to post each frame in a separate photo to tell their story instead of fitting the comic into one image. Inform audience in the caption to swipe right to continue the story.

official new character: zit

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4. Post multiple photos from one event

Paint a richer picture of events when more than one visual is used. National Geographic posted a series of pictures and videos in this Carousel, bringing to life the world-famous Iditarod race.

5. Showcase different angles

Use different perspectives of the same object to pique the interest of your viewers. NASA posted different angles of our beautiful planet Earth on Earth day:

6. Before and After

Use Carousel to show transformation. This may be used to showcase a new product or if you wish to showcase the efficacy of your brand’s product on the item it is used on. Maybelline New York shows followers how to achieve the perfect brow with their new eyebrow product.

7. Step-by-step how-to guide

Post steps of the process in different frames using images and video. Buzzfeedtasty guides their followers in making a sourdough bread by first posting a leading question, then a video with the method for preparation and ends off with the finished product.