Challenges in Programmatic Marketing

There has been a shift to programmatic marketing over the last few years as marketers look to leverage the huge amounts of data that has been generated to target the right audience.

Yet, for the past few years, we have seen a myriad of challenges which threaten the industry. The biggest challenges include:

Ad fraud

Ad fraud refers to the act of misrepresenting ad impressions, clicks and conversions in order to generate revenue. As companies purchase advertising from a media supply chain that is not transparent, it leads to discomfort as to whether the large amounts of dollars placed into programmatic is justified. In fact, a CNBC report states that businesses could lose $16.4 billion to online advertising fraud in 2017. What is being done to make media buying more transparent?


Viewability is a measurement of whether an ad has been seen or clicked by a person. It is important as client-side marketers and agencies to want to have control over the quality of media that they are buying. What viewability metrics should marketers focus on to best meet their marketing objectives?

Brand safety

Brand safety means keeping your brand safe by keeping your ads well-placed, avoiding them to be placed alongside content that is damaging. An example is the recent incident where big brand marketers realised their ads on Youtube appear together with extremist videos. How can we ensure that these ads appear in a safe environment and do not tarnish the brand’s image?

Despite these challenges, programmatic ad spending in APAC in 2017 is estimated to be $10.2bn, or 18% of ad buying budget in a forecast by Magna Global (eMarketer). Furthermore, with the increase in use of digital devices across the region with more than half of Southeast Asia’s population accessing the internet (WeAreSocial), it is hard to ignore the opportunities for advertising in which programmatic offers. Marketers should learn to manage these challenges instead of being fearful.

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