Why do this training?

There is great uptick in the prevalence of content marketing in the APAC region – consumers are now in control of their own content and many traditional ways of push marketing have become limited. Viewership in magazine, newspaper and linear TV is going down, and even on digital, there is increased use of adblock in the face of content saturation.

Content has to become focused on the customer journey, it has to advance from target audiences to engaging personas.

In this training, we will look at which platforms work best for marketing to Asian markets and help you understand market behaviour across Asia.

This training will help to guide you and your team through the content strategy for the business in Asia.

Through this training, teams will learn how content marketing ties into overall digital marketing planning and build their knowledge and skills in digital marketing in Asia.

Who this training is for?
  • Media Agencies
  • Creative Agencies
  • Digital Agencies
  • PR Agencies
Learning Outcomes

The training aims to develop essential knowledge and skills for teams to plan and implement a content marketing strategy for your company and how to plan, create and implement content for this strategy. It will also explain the complementary role between content marketing and social media marketing.

Teams will be provided with an understanding of the content marketing ecosystem in Asia Pacific, including essential platforms for distribution of content, the role each platform plays and the types of content which are used across each platform.

This training will allow your team to understand the complementary role between content marketing and social media marketing, how they can use social media to maximise content exposure.

Learning Tools:

This is a one-day in-person learning program. It can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses and executives across different industries.

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