Why do this training?

The marketing department is needing to undergo digital transformation to keep ahead

  • Constantly changing digital technologies and platforms means a never-ending learning cycle
  • Understanding the data being collected and how to use it is more important than ever
  • Savvy consumers are in control they have access to information and demand better experiences
  • The CMO and Marketing Director need to work hand in hand with IT to drive business growth through new technology

Our digital acceleration programme begins with an audit of your organisation or team's digital readiness. This will include a review of your current business and team to identify where you need to build your digital offering and capability, and develop a roadmap for you to go through digital transformation.

This is a combined strategy, training and coaching programme that combines understanding your actual business challenges and priorities, the current digital maturity of the business and team, with development of skills based on the business needs.

There are different programmes available for either 3 months or 6 months, with variation in programme length delivering different levels of ongoing coaching and training to ensure change.

This is not just a theoretical training programme – it is integrated with the actual needs of your business and is about driving change in your organisation.

Who this training is for?
  • You're a CMO, Marketing Director or Manager, or Digital Marketing leader who knows digital and wants to drive digital transformation in your organisation
  • You're a CMO, Marketing Director or Marketing Manager who comes from a traditional marketing background and feels you need to learn and adapt to digital
  • You're responsible for driving business results through marketing and sales activity, and know that you need to make a shift towards more digital channels
  • You want to consider new digital business models and channels for growth but need a plan
  • You want to understand customer journey mapping
  • You want to know how to better use different types of data and analytics to make decisions for your business
  • You want to know the latest in technologies to deliver team's operations and work
  • You're looking to inspire your team to be curious and try new technologies
  • You want to give your teams their best chance for success by ensuring they have the skills to be able to plan and deliver great digital work
  • You want to ensure your business has longevity for the future, and understand you need to adapt to new digital ways of working now

We understand the key areas you're trying to solve from working with many organisations and brands

  1. Drive business growth
  2. Understand data and develop insights
  3. Deliver better customer experiences across all channels
  4. Upskill your team
  5. Attract and keep quality talent
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