Why do this training?

We're living in a time of rapid change. We need to understand now the technologies that are impacting our businesses and teams now and in the future.

Successful digital transformation requires both an understanding of new technologies as well as the vision, culture and mindset to be able to drive change in our fast-changing world.

Leadership in any business in the future will require digital understanding across key areas to be able to continue to drive success. The digital leader needs to understand the technologies causing disruption and providing opportunities, what data is being generated and how it can be harnessed for opportunity, new ways of interacting with our customers, how to drive innovation in a business, and the culture required to operate in a faster world.

This digital leadership programme has been designed to prepare business executives and decision makers with an understanding of the key technologies driving disruption and the opportunities they present. It also looks into new ways of working and looks to get business leaders actively planning how they can drive change in their business.

Who is this programme for?

This programme has been designed with business executives and decision makers in mind, and is relevant for executives across business functions.

Learning Outcomes

This programme will prepare participants for the impact of technologies on their business, help them understand the ways in which technologies are being used by different businesses to drive changes in their business models, and inspire them about the possibilities for the future. It will also provide business leaders with a framework to drive change in their teams and businesses and guide about how to develop a digital mindset.

The Digital Leadership Programme is a hands-on learning experience, informing key knowledge and principles, and giving your team the opportunity to apply this in context to your business.

The programme consists of five key topic areas which are then explored as they relate to your industry.

  1. Technology
  2. Data & Insights
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Innovation
  5. Digital Culture

We look at key concepts, real-world case studies, and then get hands on with application to your business.

Learning Tools:

The entire Digital Leadership Programme will take three days. However it can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses and executives across different industries. Each module will be an in-person 4 hour presentation and workshop session, with actionable outcomes for further exploration.

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