Why do this training?

Digital ad spending in Asia already accounts for 25% of total media ad spending, and it is estimated to increase rapidly across APAC to double by the end of 2018 to 96.4 bn, from 46.59 bn in 2014.

There are many who have digital performance skills, but do not have the marketing strategy skills to put them into actionable and measurable results. With the APAC's advertising market set to grow to US 165 billion in 2018, digital marketing should be planned holistically with the rest of your marketing and integrated along with your overall marketing strategy. Instead of having them separate from the main plan, digital can be integrated to provide a more impactful integrated marketing approach.

This training will provide your employees with the confidence to go back to work with a clear understanding of how they should use digital in their marketing or your business. It will build on their existing marketing knowledge and teach them how to plan out a digital strategy rather than focus just on tactics.

Who this training is for?
  • Traditional marketing teams
  • Junior marketers with some digital experience who needs to better understand strategic planning
  • Product and/or Brand managers
  • Ecommerce Managers
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training, your employees will understand the key digital marketing concepts and methodologies required to drive positive business results with digital. They will understand the variations of a digital strategy in terms of business, marketing and ecommerce, and how to play a digital marketing strategy as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Learning Tools:

This is a one to three days in-person learning program. The number of days varies due to the tailored number of modules to suit the needs of businesses and executives across different industries.

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