Why do this training?

While many organisations may seem to have complex digital operations, many of these operations are generally still in their initial stages – most of which are simple 'advertising on the web' rather than digital or mobile tailored original ideas. In the same vein, social media briefs and ideas are still obsessed with user generated content and promotions, despite countless reports indicating that these methods do not garner much participation.

This training is aimed at providing an understanding on the options available in digital strategy and how to implement them, it takes a deeper dive into digital strategy for creative agencies.

Who this training is for?
  • Creative teams
  • Production and design teams
  • Public Relations team
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training, teams will understand the key digital marketing concepts and methodologies required to drive positive business results with digital. They will understand the variations of a digital strategy in terms of business, marketing and ecommerce, and how to play a digital marketing strategy as part of their overall marketing strategy as a creative agency.

Learning Tools:

This is a two-day in-person training to understand the foundations digital strategy so that your team can carry more informed conversations with clients, media agencies and technology partners.

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