Client’s Challenge

Phase 1: McDonald’s digital capability audit and e-learning development

McDonald’s has a large marketing team spread across the globe with different levels of knowledge and expertise within digital marketing, media, CRM, merchandising and social media. The McDonald’s marketing team wanted to create an in-house learning offering which would leverage existing materials created across the globe both in-house and by external partners sharing guidance on all aspects of digital and understanding current knowledge gaps.

Phase 2: Developing social media management and content creation guidelines

McDonald’s was looking for a partner to develop guidance for content creation and social media account management for its global social media teams.

Our Solution

Re/Digital conducted a gap analysis of skills across key markets to identify the primary focus areas for content creation, review existing documents and materials that existed within the McDonald system to use as a basis for developing materials, and create new materials for a website.

We worked closely with the McDonald’s marketing and talent teams to identify the right direction for this project and worked with the IT team to project manage the build of the new website to house the e-learning.

First Phase:

  1. Gap analysis

The first step in the process was to understand the current skill levels across key markets. We were able to leverage a survey already conducted across key markets to then analyse the skills gaps in digital and marketing across people, process and technology. We used these self-assessments to be able to determine the different levels of digital maturity from markets around the world. We also conducted interviews with key stakeholders from teams globally across senior, mid-level and junior roles to understand the needs of the different regional and local market teams. We fed all of this into the gap analysis to help the business identify which topic areas to focus on.

  1.     Training materials review

The next stage in the process was to collect and review all existing marketing training materials and strategy documents to be able to then pull together updated and consolidated training content to be delivered on a global training website. This included working with internal teams as well as external creative and media agencies and technology partners to determine the most current and relevant direction to be provided to the teams globally.

  1.     Website and Material Development

After collecting all of the relevant training materials we were then responsible for curating and developing training content for inclusion on the internal website. Re/Digital team created new and re-purposed existing training materials to fit the earlier gaps identified. We worked closely with the McDonald’s internal IT team to project manage the creation of a website.

Second phase:

The second phase of the project required us to create guidance for content creation and social media account management. We started this process by analysing the data taken from the content asset management and distribution system which McDonald’s uses, to be able to draw out insights about what types of content was most effective at delivering results.

We looked at data from campaigns and markets around the world to assess the success of different content, and then provide guidance on how the McDonald’s social media and marketing teams could then continue to create content and social media posts to drive success. The guidance we developed also leveraged best practice from Facebook and Twitter. The final delivery was a very practical guide for teams to use as a day-to-day reference when looking to brief their creative agencies or for when developing content themselves.


Singapore, Australia, US, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia

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