Why do this training?

Programmatic advertising is a growing part of the advertising ecosystem, primarily using an auction-based buying method to reach people with your marketing messages. This type of data-driven marketing is all about finding the people who are most likely to be open to your message because they fit in the right audience or the right context.

With programmatic advertising penetration standing at 17% of overall digital ad spend in Asia Pacific and being expected to double by to 35% by 2019, there is clearly a need to understand and excel at programmatic advertising, particularly as it moves beyond standard digital display advertising to others types of media including addressable TV and digital out- of-home.

Add to this the complexity around brand safety, ad fraud and data management, and we can see the programmatic landscape presents both complexity and opportunity to marketers. This training will help teams to build understanding of the key concepts in programmatic advertising that they need to know to either get started or build their basic level of programmatic into a more strategic approach. It will provide them with the basic knowledge and foundations of programmatic marketing, current landscape of partners, and how they can best leverage data and technology to reach their consumers. Teams will be able to plan an effective programmatic strategy for their business or client.

Who this training is for?

This training has been designed for teams who are planning programmatic advertising campaigns or incorporating programmatic approaches into their marketing plans. It's suitable for client-side marketers, agency planners and account executives from agencies new to programmatic marketing or wish to strengthen the foundations of their team in programmatic marketing knowledge.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Develop essential skills in understanding programmatic, a growing field that has in-demand skills both in-house at clients and also across agencies
  2. Understand the programmatic ecosystem, including advertising technology and data providers, and the role they play in helping teams to implement programmatic effectively
  3. Understand the components that go into developing a programmatic advertising strategy
  4. How to measure programmatic
  5. The right questions teams needs to ask their agency and technology partners, or their client
  6. Building digital knowledge and skills and learn how this ties into the overall digital marketing planning
  7. Teams will be confident to go back to work with a clear understanding of how programmatic advertising can be applied to achieve business or marketing objectives
Learning Tools:

This is a one-day in-person learning program. It can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses and executives across different industries.

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