Why do this training?

The dominance of social media is ever more apparent in the age of digital disruption. A 2016 study published by TNS indicates that social is Asia's fastest growing online activity and increasingly dominates people's experience of the internet. While there are dominant players around the world, the Asian countries each have fragmented social networks that dominate their own market which can be difficult to navigate through.

This training aims to help teams understand the fundamentals in planning and implementing a social media strategy. It will allow them to understand the tools necessary for making social media strategy measurable and how it can tie into the overall marketing.

Who this training is for?
  • Media Agencies
  • Creative Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Senior level account managers
  • Marketing side for clients
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training, teams will develop essential knowledge and skills to be able to plan and implement both organic and paid social media marketing for the company or client. Your employees will develop the skills to move into a social media marketing role through understanding the social media marketing ecosystem, including the essential social media platforms used by audiences across Asia.

This training will provide them with an understanding of the principles for how to develop a social media marketing strategy including:

  1. How to set up social media accounts on key platforms
  2. How to set up and run social media advertising campaigns across these platforms
  3. Understand where social media marketing fits into your overall digital marketing strategy
Learning Tools:

This is a one-day in-person learning program. It can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses and executives across different industries.

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