Why do this training?

Do you already have a startup idea but you're not sure how to get started and take it to market? Have you already set up your business and now you're working out how to build it? This unique, hands-on course will help you clarify your customer value proposition and create and scale your digital presence to find and attract customers.

The Startup Growth Accelerator is a program designed to take early stage technology startup ideas and guide you through the marketing and sales planning, set up and operations.

This program isn't designed to help you develop your idea, but it will help you refine your idea through exploring and understanding your target audience, their needs, and the value you can offer them.

The program has been designed and will be led by an experienced business founder and digital marketing expert who has worked with global businesses and startups to help them grow their businesses.

Some of the program options also provide you with the opportunity to go through the program with other founders going through a similar journey as you.

Who this training is for?

This program is designed for people who are in the early stages of setting up a technology start-up, or if you already have a developed concept

  • You have an idea for a technology startup and have already checked the concept but are unsure how to create it
  • You're tech founder or developer and don't know marketing
  • You're a business founder and know the other aspects of business but not marketing and sales
  • You have an idea and want to make sure you have it all organised before you quit your job
  • You want to be able get actual feedback on the work you're doing by taking part in calls or in-person sessions

This course will guide you step by step from planning, through set-up and through to growth

We have designed the Startup Growth Accelerator with an online self-learning program as the foundation, and offer a range of options for startup founders to choose from depending on the level of input you're looking for on the work that you're undertaking.

Apply Now

We will be asking people to apply so we can review and check.

Tell us where you're at on your journey and we'll see if you qualify.

Contact us for a initial call to see if your business is the right fit for the Startup Growth Accelerator

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