Why do this training?

Over the last few years, we have seen a major shift towards digital marketing approaches and much greater spending on digital media and marketing technologies. At the same time, many businesses have been rushing into trying new digital tactics because it's what the industry is abuzz about without a clear strategy for why they are using it to benefit their business. The problem with a lot of digital marketing is that much of it is being used tactically with little integration into the entire marketing strategy.

Digital marketing should be planned holistically with the rest of your marketing and integrated within your overall marketing strategy. Instead of having digital separate from the main plan, digital should be integrated to provide a more impactful integrated marketing approach.

This requires an understanding of all the key components – from data-driven marketing to social media and content marketing – that go into creating a digital marketing approach, as well as the role they play in strategically driving value for your business.

Who this training is for?

An understanding of digital marketing is required in all marketing and agency roles now as it has become a cornerstone of any marketing mix no matter what business or category you operate in.

This training is for teams with experienced marketers, business people or agency professionals across creative and media who are transitioning into roles with digital or to develop digital strategies for their businesses.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand the key digital marketing concepts and methodologies needed to know how to drive positive business results with digital
  2. Understand how to plan a digital marketing strategy
  3. The right questions to ask the agency and technology partners
  4. An understanding of the terminology used in the digital marketing ecosystem and what it actually all means in application
  5. Teams will have a clear understanding of how they can use digital in their marketing or business
Learning Tools:

This is a two-day in-person learning program. It can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses and executives across different industries.

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