Client’s Challenge

Urban Meadow Flowers founders were launching a new ecommerce business selling direct to consumers, but were new to digital marketing and needed help developing a marketing and content strategy for their new business. They also needed assistance getting started with creating and posting content on their social channels.

Our Solution

Re/Digital carried out creative and brand strategy, brand messaging, customer experience journey mapping, channel management and paid advertising planning for Urban Meadow Flowers.

Re/Digital developed a creative and brand strategy for Urban Meadow Flowers which included the auditing and reviewing of their current creatives, brand strategy and messaging, research work on the culture, customer, company and category, development of buyer persona and development of persona-led consumer journey.

We were able to create buyer personas through interviewing a pool of people in the target audience to find out the market sentiments and identify the target audience they should focus on.

A competitor audit was carried out for both local and overseas competitors and an analysis of their brand positioning, brand story, website content, offering and target audience.

From the competitor audit, we were able to ensure the branding, logo and content were in line with the branding and that they were not missing out best practices that their competitors were doing.

A website review was then carried out from a search engine optimisation perspective and a site user experience. We helped to fix the site’s SEO issues, carried out keyword planning for the site, reviewed the customer buying experience on site, mapped out the customer journey, reviewed current technology used onsite and recommended marketing automation and email technology that they could implement on their site.

We then planned and decided on the paid and owned channels they should be active on, developed a detailed content calendar for a month, developed a content plan for the whole year, developed visual and copy guidance for their social channels and recommended social media analytics tools to use. We also planned out their newsletter template and content to be sent out. An influencer marketing strategy was also crafted out with ideas on potential partnerships and marketing tactics that could be executed.

Lastly, we carried out a search and content marketing training where they were taught how to execute search engine optimisation and search engine marketing for their brand as well as keyword planning. They also got trained on the importance of content marketing and how to get started on creating content and dived into case studies of what other brands in their industry were doing.



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